Getting Started…

I’ve decided to start a blog… obviously. I haven’t really picked a focus but I’m not really focused in my own life so why would I expect to be on here? I figured I would just log my interests as they come to me because that seems like an easy way to get started.

I’ve always wanted to do everything in life…. I have a huge fear that when I get older, I’ll look back and realize that I missed trying something that may have been my life’s passion. I’ve always felt like I was meant for greatness, I just haven’t quite figured out how to get there yet.

I find that things get easy the more you force yourself to do them. So I’m forcing myself to write. Perhaps this will lead me into becoming one of the great literary voices of our time… Or perhaps I’ll figure out something better along the way.

Things I know I like: cooking and baking (I took classes, and I’m not bad), crafts, my horses, and new adventures… We’ll see what this new venture inspires in me.


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